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My second post has to be about them: My two amazing boys!

I am one of those who always dreamed of being a mother. It has always been my biggest dream.

Sometimes I can't believe I'm living my dream and now I'm a mother of two!!

Motherhood is definitely the most challenging and wonderful thing I've ever done in my life! And I have one certainty in my life: I was born to be a mother!

I am immensely pleased to be the mother of these two silly cute babies in the photo. Benjamin is 4 years old and Thomas is 1 year old. We rarely call them by their full names, at home it's Ben and Tomtom.

They fill my day, my time, my thoughts and I wouldn't change a thing. Yes, of course I feel like running as fast as I can sometimes, but only to clear my head and come back.

I always thought I would be a girl's mother, I don't know why. But I had two boys and anyone who knows me knows how much sense that makes! I love being a boys mom.

I love being the queen/princess of the whole house. I'm also the dragon, hero, astronaut, or whatever they want me to be while we play hahaha

Is there anyone else here who is also a boy mom??




My name is Aline Albino

I'm a Designer, Artist, Boy Mom, Dog Mom, Plant Mom.

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