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How to customize sneakers

Hi guys!

Today we're going to talk about the third sneaker I painted (Yeah, I haven't posted the second one here yet, but it's already on my Instagram). This time I took a bunch of photos during the process to show you how I customized these sneakers.

Lots of dripping paint, just the way I like it!

tênis customizado nas cores rosa, amarelo e laranja

In these sneakers I have used different details to test and learn. I can already tell you one thing: yellow and neon are two difficult colors to work with!

Let's go and I'll show you how I painted these sneakers, it won't be a tutorial (yet), but who knows, maybe I'll make one soon.

First: the original

These are the Walmart dupes. They are basically a copy of the Nike Air Force (which costs around $120), but these ones costs $17 at Walmart. It's a favorite for beginners because it has several parts to paint and you won't have a mini-heart attack if it doesn't go according to plan, if you know what I mean.

The first step was to draw the dripping paint with a regular pencil on the sneaker.

Mostrando o tênis original na cor branca antes da transformação

Creating the stripes

First thing I painted was the back in light pink and then I moved on to the stripes.

To make the stripes I used vinyl tape. It's great because of its elasticity.

First I applied the tape, painted 4 layers of yellow, removed the tape and painted 3 layers of pink.

Ps: I did NOT put the tape on top of the yellow, it could pull the paint. I used the yellow as a guide. If at this point you smudge a little, no panic, you can use a cotton swab to remove the excess and then you can always go back with the other color and touch it up.

artista mostrando os passos para customizar um tênis


I thought this neon would be super simple, but it gave me a lot of work.

Firstly, the neon pigment is very translucent, so you need more layers (remember: several thin layers are better than a few thick layers).

I LOVE neon, but after I painted it, it ended up looking boring. My first plan was to splash paint on it, but to do that I would have to cover the entire sneaker and at the moment, I didn't have all that patience. Who knows, maybe next time.

When I went to do the shading of the dripping paint on top of the neon, I couldn't get any satisfactory color. In fact, at the first attempt I hated it, then I had that moment of "OMG WHAT NOW?", but then I calmed down, took a wet cotton pad, rubbed it and it worked, I ended up removing all the neon and redoing it. Yes, you read that right hahahha I redid the neon. But in the end, I still don't like the color of the shadow on the neon. I tried about 3 times and gave up, I'll have to think more about it, but not in these sneakers.

artista mostrando os passos de como customizar um tênis

Painting the Dripping

And now it's pink time, I painted the tongue of the sneaker, the fabric INSIDE the sneaker, yes, it was white, and I painted all the dripping, 3 coats.

To give the 3D effect I first painted the gray shadow, went back with the pink to touch up, then I created a darker pink, painted the left side of the drops and then painted the right side with the light pink.

The 3 steps are in the 3 images below:

In the image below you can see the difference all the details do to the effect.

The right side is ready and the left side has just pink without any detailing.

diferença entre os tênis customizados, um com detalhes e um sem

The Last Step

Lastly I decided to make small dots on the neon, it wasn't in the initial plan but I liked the result. And yes, these little dots were painted one by one with the tip of the brush.

And now I need help: Which shoelace is better?? Would you wear it with pink or neon laces? Soon I'll show you which one I chose on my Instagram.

produto final, tenis customizado em amarelo neon, rosa shock e laranja

See you soon!

Aline Albino


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