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2022 brought the running into my life! (Actually, it was Glauco who insisted for years that I do some sport and I finally did it. Thanks, love!)

In fact, I ran for some time back in Santa Monica in 2015/2016, but at the time I just started running without giving it to much thought, I ended up hurting my knee and stopped.

I went back into running in June 2022 at Glauco's insistence and thanks God he insisted because I'm loving it!

In the picture it's me with my first medal in July 2022. I did a 5k run. So far (January 2023, that means in 6 months) I have accumulated 13 medals.

I need to take a picture of them all to show you.

Basically I'm signing up for all races I find nearby hahahha Glauco and I are alternating the races. One of us run e the other stay with the kids and vice versa. And Benjamin is already getting a taste for the thing! So cute. He loves to run.

All the races I've done so far have been 5k and I ran my first 10k this January. I can't believe it!

I'm posting all my runs on Strava.

Anyone else here that runs?? Tell me everything!


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