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Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Welcome to my blog!

And the first post of this brand new blog couldn't be any different (of course it could, it could be whatever I want hahahaha) but I'm going traditional and I'm going to introduce myself here for those who still don't know me.

Let's start from the beginning?

HI GUYS! I'm Aline Albino, I'm 35 years old (I'm writing this post at the beginning of 2023, folks), I've been vegetarian for over 20, I've been with Glauco for over 15 years (my incredible husband, he's also an artist, sculptor, painter, director... the boy's curriculum is intense, so go check his website too).

I have lived here in California for over 8 years.

It's been 4 years since I become a mother. I've been an artist since I was born and don't you dare say otherwise hahahaha

I'm graduated in Fashion Design. I have a specialization in education. I taught a lot of classes in the area and I had my own fashion brand in Brazil.

A lot of people know me from my Instagram (anyone here? Tell me in the comments) and my YouTube channel (helloooou? anyone here) and now we will have this brand new form of communication and I am super excited!

Why o BLOG?

Well, anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I'm taking a break from social media to do a detox. Beginning of 2022 was INTENSE with many anxiety attacks and now I'm finally in a calm phase.

What I like most about this social life is being able to share tips, moments, teach other people. I know how to do so many things and I love sharing everything! And I don't stop looking for knowledge, so I always have something new to share.

These last few months completely disconnected from Instagram made me think about how I could get back in touch with you and share cool things in a more concrete way.

Instagram is cool and all, but it's not a place where you can easily revisit old posts, read. And just like me, I'm sure there are more people who think so.

Nothing against Instagram and TikTok and the like, but for now, I'm more than happy writing long texts and listening to my keyboard click click click here (I have a mechanical keyboard) and this is what motivates me. And that's okay!

Follow the nexts chapters, oops, posts

And we come to the end of this first post. I count on you to spread the news around. And probably when this blog goes live, there will already be several posts available, so go check it out.

Ah! And yes, now we have the site in English and portuguese!!!


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My name is Aline Albino

I'm a Designer, Artist, Boy Mom, Dog Mom, Plant Mom.

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