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My first CUSTOM shoes!

After 300 tutorials, I finally decided to paint a my very own sneaker!!

My old Puma in his new life

It's been a while that Glauco and I wanted to customize sneakers and after watching 300 tutorials I finally decided what I was going to ask to Santa Claus (we have two beautiful little boys who believe in Santa Claus here) : I asked him Angelus Paints!

And wow! A had a blast paint these shoes!!

I'll try to post all the sneakers I make here and show you the colors I used.

The Original

These are the original sneaker. I LOVE these sneakers, I wore it almost every day, it has been washed in the washing machine several times and is already showing signs of wear and tear.

My first piece of advice: don't start with a brand new sneaker!! You still don't know if it will work, you need to test and experiment without being afraid. So start with an older sneaker that you already have.

And more: it doesn't need to be all white like these ones!!!


I have used Angelus leather paints. I chose these 4 colors for these sneakers.

And first thing I noticed: the colors dry and change color! They tend to get darker and it's a little frustrating hahaha but that's one of the things I'm going to have to learn to work with.

Second thing: some colors are more translucent than others. For example, this Neon Yellow is SUPER transparent, so you need more layers.

Tip: In all the videos I've watched, one thing is clear: you MUST HAVE thin layers! 5 thin layers are better than 2 thick ones. Thick layers can end up cracking later.

I didn't take photos of the layers, but I will take them on the next sneaker so you can see how each layer looks a little stained until you make that layer that covers everything and it looks wow! On these sneakers I applied 3 layers of each color and about 200 (just kidding, actually was kind of 6) of neon yellow.

The process

I started with the pink, and as I said before, I gave it 3 layers. The paint dries very quickly, so I do one layer, dry it very quickly with the heat gun and I paint the next layer.

Then I painted the mint, 3 layers and the beige, same thing.

Lastly, I wanted to do the neon detail, but as I painted the neon on top of the pink, and neon is super transparent (I learned right away) I had to apply about 6 layers of neon to make it appear.

I only used two brushes, you can see them in the images below.

The Final Product

And side by side you can check it out both the original and the final. I had SO much fun painting it!

At first my focus was learning how to use all the new material.

I found it super therapeutic. It had been years since I painted with paint and brushes and I loved it.

More sneakers?

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I'm on my third sneaker!

The second one I did for Ben and soon I'll post everything here.

The third one is still in production and I'm loving it!!! And it's been very challenging because I'm trying some new things.

Aline Albino


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