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Raise your hand if you, like me, also filled the house with plants during the pandemic 🤪✋

(Raised your hand? Tell me in the comments)

In 2020 when the mosnteras were still babys and not gigantic monsters

Yeah, as we already know, 2020/2021 were very tense years and a lot of people ended up becoming a plant mom. Lots of plants. LOTS of plants! hahahahahhaha

I got more than 50 (WHAT?? I deny it! I never said that hahaha)

My house was really green! I got a green finger. What can I say?!

The green finger actually means several books bought, countless videos watched, hours on Pinterest looking for "how not to kill a Ficus Lyrata" 😂😂😂

In my old office in 2022 with my Ficus named Harper

And didn't it really work?!

In fact, what I really learned was to choose the right plant that fits into my routine and how much I can take care of it. (I have a husband, two kids and two dogs, so not enough time for plants).

The ones that survived (and that I love the most) are the "hard to kill" "low maintenance" plants. Those who only need water 1x every 7 to 10 days.

All the ones that require more care... yeah, they're not here anymore 😅

At my old house. 3 of them are still with me

Currently I have 19 little plants in my apartment.

When I moved from the house to the apartment I had to considerably reduce my collection because it didn't fit here. By the way, there's no more space here hahaha

Last year, on my birthday, my friends threw me a surprise party and in the end everyone left with a gift because I made each one choose one (or more) plants to take home. It was so fun!!

Soon I'll show you my "Plant Diary" aka my inventory of plants and I also want to make a post with all the plants I currently have.

Tell me how many plants you have at home??


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My name is Aline Albino

I'm a Designer, Artist, Boy Mom, Dog Mom, Plant Mom.

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